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NanoDynamics sets IPO: 6.6 million shares, with an offering price between $12 and $14 — Forbes

Yep, air quality likes plugin hybrids and electric vehicles: The EPRI, NRDC studies say that PHEVs will vastly reduce greenhouse gases for the next 40 years — Calcars-news, release

Flexi, plastic solar is cheap and easy: Researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology are working on a cheap solar cell that can be painted or printed on flexi plastic sheets — ScienceDaily

Taiwan mulling ocean current power: Lots of oceans, lots of currents, lots of power? — Renewable Energy Access

Dow + Crystalsev = polyethylene: Dow Chemical Company and a major Brazilian ethanol player will set up a joint venture to make polyethylene from sugar cane ethanol — Green Car Congress

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